Top Photo Editing Tools for Chromebook

Photography has come a long way, from only the elite and the media possessing a camera, which only produced a black and white photo, to an era where even a 6-year-old has a phone and knows how to click pictures. Every new DSLR and cellphone presents a possibility of clicking clearer pictures than you could click with the previous device. Our photos have become abundant and colored, ensuring that our memories are well preserved and easy to revisit. Photography has now become an entire industry, with different style, subject, location, and message. In all of this, we tend to make slight mistakes with our otherwise marvelous captures. listed below are top photo editing apps for Chromebook to make your already perfect photos just a little better:

  • Google Photos

This app comes preinstalled in all chrome books as an app of Google. This app stores all the photos in an android and also provides additional benefits like unlimited storage on the cloud, backup of all photos and videos one has. If you are looking for some light editing and nothing much fancy or technical, this app will do wonders for you. Adding to this Google Photos is very user friendly and helps new users to easily understand it and edit their photos in the best way possible. The user can also easily share the pictures through various platforms

  • Adobe Lightroom

A piece of good news for Chromebook users is that the adobe lightroom is not only limited to windows; it also comes as an app in the play store, which can easily be installed in a Chromebook. If you are looking for professional editing this app is the best fit for you. This app is not limited to cropping but has features like white balance, exposure, histogram adjustments, tonal curves, black and white conversion, spot removal, red-eye corrections, gradients, local adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction, lens profile corrections, vibrance, and saturation. This application also provides a unique feature wherein the users can use one image’s properties and easily apply it to another image without any difficulty. This feature saves a lot of time for the user.

  • Pixlr Web App

One of the best editing software on the chrome book is the Pixlr editor. It is a very strong photo editing software, and to use this software one does not even have to make an account. This online photo editing app also provides unlimited storage to the user. If you are comfortable using Adobe Photoshop, this app will be very easy for you to use. This software will allow you to correct colors on your photos, add multiple layers or clone pixels, just to name a few. To make things even better, Pixlr also features an impressive collection of photo filters, and this is just a small amount compared to what this app can do.

  • Polar

This photo editing extension can be easily downloaded from google chrome and just take 15 MB of device space. Polar is one of the most professional photo editing software that is out there. However, in the free version you cannot unlock all the features of the application the free tools available are also very useful in editing. If you are considering taking up photo editing professionally $20 is not a huge price to pay. Polarr presents great features like the Face Detection or an advanced face editing panel where you are allowed to fine-tune skin tones and remove any skin imperfections your model might have.

  • Gimp Linux

The Chromebook user is in luck as the Gimp Linux is now on Play Store, which can be easily installed on all Chromebook devices.  Gimp is one of the most popular applications among professional editors because of the level of photo editing the gimp can provide. This application provides many features like There is a tool called Healing Tool. It can be used to fix image irregularities like acne on the face, You can use scale image in the menu bar to scale images precisely, in this app you can draw images on the photo as per your choice and can download the edited pictures in BMP, PDF, jpeg, png, PCX, GIF, PSD, SVG, tiff, TGA, XPM, and a lot of others.

  • Snapseed

This application is a professional photo editing software that has very similar features to Adobe Lightroom. The difference between the two is that Snapseed provides more tools in the free version itself and is very user friendly. Even a person without much experience in photo editing can also use this software without much difficulty. But on the other hand, the paid version of the adobe lightroom provides more tools than Snapseed. Some of the features that Snapseed provide are enhanced color, white color balance, healing, portrait; these are just a few features; the possibilities of photo editing through this application are endless. The only limit is one’s imagination.

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