These After-life Based TV Shows Are Going To Take Your Breath Away

Present-day humans live a fast-paced life. This pacing life stops the very moment one takes the last breath. Ever wondered what happens next? It still seems challenging to find the correct answer with many theories on the afterlife written in scripts and literature. Check out the following TV shows that are based on the afterlife. These may either solve your queries or may give rise to a thousand more questions in your mind. However, anything about life and death never fails to captivate the mind. Check these out now!

  • Dead Like Me

George is a teenager having a troublesome life. She is a college drop-out and is pretty directionless in her life. Just like every concerned mum, her mother too wants her to find a good job. Little did George, and her mum knew that she might be living her last minutes. After the job interview, George dies mysteriously. Well, you can’t call it a death when you are given with the job of taking out souls from bodies. If you want a different touch to the usual afterlife theories, check this one out.

  • Russian Doll

Who said that you could die only once? Natasha is stuck in a loop where she dies again and again. Every time she wakes up after death, she finds herself inside a bathroom. Watch this creative comedy on Netflix today.

  • Miracle Workers

God is not always kind. What can you do when the Creator is willing to destroy the planet? Well, we have two not-so-efficient angels to convince the Almighty. All they re supposed to do is make two people fall in love with each other. Is it an easy task? NOT AT ALL! Each of its seven hilarious episodes will leave you jaw-dropped. 

  • The Returned

Humans have always wanted their deceased loved ones back. But what if it could be possible? Yes, that’s creepy. As people from the graves get up, the drama attempts to bring you some essential questions about life. Realize the importance of moving on in life with this masterpiece.

  • IZomble

This one is a complex piece that focuses on more than one aspect at the same time. Young Liv aspires to become a doctor. To her great disappointment, a wicked zombie bites her at a party. This makes her decide to start an isolated life. She leaves her partner and does weird things with her life. The script is hilarious, confusing, sorrowful, and entertaining. You can’t define this one in a single word.

  • Drop Death

When you die, all your good and evil deeds are taken into account. On Judgment Day, one of the two doors is opened for you. But what if you don’t have any good or bad deeds in your life? Will you go to heaven or hell? In this case, you would probably be sent back on Earth, just like Deb had to go. All is not good because she is sent back in a wrong body. Watch her as she becomes the opposite version of herself with the wrong body. Will she be able to earn some good deeds in this life? Go and check out yourself.

  • The Good Place

The best place God has created for all his favorite creatures is undoubtedly heaven. A group of good men and women land up in paradise. You will be wrong if you think that they lived happily ever after. Why? Some of them don’t belong to the Good Place.

  • Forever

Nothing is forever except love (and, of course, relationship problems). Maya, a widow, dies soon after her husband’s demise. She meets her husband in the afterlife, but they still fail to make the perfect pair. Join their roller-coaster journey with Forever.

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