The Concept of Morality in Video Games for Kids and Adults

Video games are becoming more complex these days as they are making much progress in the entertainment medium. Nowadays, there are a lot of video games designed by the developers keeping in mind the choice of the kids as well as adults. Just like other technological platforms, these video games also have a major role to play in the life of children as well as adults. The new generation video games tackle with issues related to consequences that are based on moral choices.

The storyline presents certain ethical choices at some particular point in the game, like who should they save, what should they do with the hostages, or which faction to fight for, which will determine the further course of action. As a result, gamers can understand and learn about real-life simulations of making choices.

In this article, we have prepared a list of video games that have complex human emotions, moral choices, and other elements that make it even more interesting.

List of Games with Morality For Kids And Adults

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the most adventurous survival games and is specially designed for the youth. In this game, the players travel across various post apocalyptic areas like towns, cities, forests, etc. to follow the game story.

The game narrative revolves around Native Americans that are struggling with an infection that transforms most people into bloodthirsty creatures who prey on the other uninfected persons. The HBO show “The Last of Us” is based on this game, which speaks loudly about the popularity of this game. This has the most amazing storytelling game in the list of all other games similar to it and is loved by all its users. 

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is yet another immersive video game, which is based on the variety of episodes designed and published by Telltale Games.

The game follows the same fictional world where a zombie apocalypse has annihilated the civilization in Georgia. Apart from typical puzzles and exploration found in the other apocalyptic games, this game also offers a strong narrative and interaction among the characters of the game. To increase the excitement for the players, there are scenes that are more action-oriented, and based on real time events. All the series of this game have been loved by most of the people because of its narrative and impact of players choices.

Life is Strange 2  

This game of Life is Strange is a choice-based video game that means that the choice that you make while playing this game will impact how the game progresses. The “Life is Strange” video game is different and more interesting from the other video games as the main character of the game has the ability to rewind the time. We all wish to go back to our younger days.

Well, this might not be possible in actual life, but we can make this happen at least in our fantasized virtual world through this awesome game. The choice provided to the players in these game questions the player’s morality like whether it is right to kill the people who have done wrong or to steal the food to feed their family members. 

Fallout 3

This famous video game has over 8.5 million users! Clearly, this is the most popular and loved game among all its users.

Fallout 3 is a game that is based on the karma system where the characters are score points on the basis of their deeds. It is quirky, interesting, and will keep maintaining the interest of the players. In this game, the players can blow up an entire town, kill the other players, and gain a lot of bad karma. On the other hand, they can also gain good karma by doing some of the good deeds. The word “Fallout” is the perfect title for the game as it blurred the line between right and wrong and the users can’t get this enough of the difficult choices as this game offers to them.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of the main and major reasons for the success of this game is the complex decisions that its users have to take while playing this game. Every mission of the players in this game has an impact on the storyline, and those missions fetch something in the game.

For every mission in this game, users have to make some decisions that the players have to take, where it becomes more difficult for them to decide what is wrong and what is right and that is the sign of a good morality system that every game must have in them. 

So, these are some of the amazing video games that largely focus on the concept of morality for its players. These games manage to capture the interest of its users until the very end. Go on, and try these games and test your level of morality.

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