Protect Your Privacy with these Google Alternatives

People in large numbers from all across the world rely on Google for searching for so many things. But, very few are aware of the fact that Google is tracking a lot of your online information spread on digital devices. The tracking begins when you login into the apps devices and services of the search engine giant through your phone or some other sources. The monitoring of online data includes everything you search on the search engine giant through its apps. It tracks your all flights, purchases, trips, history of your present location and the places you have visited. All these information are later used by the search engine giant to place ads on the internet or on the websites you often visit. Also, such personal data can be used by law enforcement agencies for various purposes. If you think that your personal information is entirely safe on the apps and devices of Google, then you have a wrong idea.  Now, more and more people are feeling that relying on only one search engine can be dangerous for seeking various personal or financial services.

So, if you are also among those people who are thinking of replacing the various apps of Google with some other apps, then you can consider the suggestions given below.

  • Replace Google Search With DuckDuckGo

The web browser is not only safe and secure but also available for free download. It provides several extra advantages, along with protecting your personal information. The search engine neither keeps the record of searching, nor it shares it with any other website. It protects users with targeted ads while pursuing sites like Amazon or Myntra.

  • Give a Try to Apple Maps and OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps

If you are using iOS, then it is worth giving a try to Apple Maps that is in-built. You don’t need to install the app and come for free.  It works efficiently and conveniently when it comes to providing directions. The users not using iOS can opt for OpenStreetMap to get support for searching for directions.

  • Try Vimeo instead of YouTube.

Vimeo has both paid and free versions which can be used according to the needs. The users can try the domain “youtube-nocookie” through YouTube for watching videos on DuckDuckGo as it will give more privacy. However, if you are interested in creating and hosting your videos, then Vimeo is the best option.

  • Use FastMail, Tutanota and ProtonMail for Calendar, Gmail and Contacts

The email solution, FastMail is an independent and paid service with contacts and calendar support. However, if you want a more encrypted email solution, then trying Tutanota and ProtonMail will be a good option. Tutanota and ProtonMail both come with paid and free versions.

  • Android can be replaced with iOS

iOS, however, is the paid service, but it is very much popular among the users. It offers iMessage, which is an entirely messaging service along with encryption options for the device.

  • Try and Ghost as an option for Blogger

you can choose Ghost and for your blogs. Ghost is, however, a paid version you can install yourself. It comes in-built tracker free, and a nonprofit foundation runs it. WordPress is available in both paid and free versions which power almost 33 per cent websites all across the world. Moreover, it has no in-built third-party trackers and supports extensive documentation for multiple languages.

  • Safari, Brave Firefox and Vivaldi for Google Chrome

Safari, Brave, Firefox and Vivaldi are some of the safest web browsers that came with in-built tracker blocker. Firefox is an open-source browser, and Vivaldi is well suited for the multiple searching needs of various people.

  • Signal as an alternative to Google Duo and Android Messages

Signal stands apart from all other private messaging offering services as it provides not only free and entirely encrypted messaging service but also provides encrypted private calls.

  • Apple FaceTime, Jami and Microsoft Teams for Google Meet/Hangouts

Apple FaceTime is not only convenient to use but also provides end to end encryption. Microsoft Teams has gained popularity not only among individuals but also among enterprises and businesses of all levels. Jami also offers end to end encryption like Microsoft Teams which do not use the data of users to place ads.

  • CodeFund can be the replacement to Google Ads & Adsense

However, CodeFund is currently available for only designers and developers, but if you are using the service for these people, then it is the best platform. The open-source platform does not save the IP addresses and so restricts tracking the data of users.

  • Try MeWe and Discourse Replacing Google Groups

MeWe and Discourse both provide end to end encryption to the data of users. The social networking platform based on groups neither collect nor share the personal data of the users. Discourse is an open-source platform based on discussions and entirely encrypted.

  • Fathom and Simple Analytics

Both Fathom and Simple Analytics are available in the paid version but completely encrypted platforms. Since both the platforms are compliant with GDPR by default and so use of cookies are restricted.

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